A vulnerability assessment, also known as a VA, scans your internal or external infrastructure and identifies known vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. During the assessment, an automated tool is used in conjunction with a database of known vulnerabilities to scan your assets to detect security flaws. Then a detailed report of vulnerabilities is generated and manually validated by a cyber security consultant. At the end of the assessment, you obtain the results of the scan as well as a curated report that gives you a summary of your overall security posture. Your IT team can then prioritize what needs to be fixed first based on our recommendations.

Get the results you need - Quickly

Scanning your assets and triaging the results is a quick and easy process. We can give you results within days.

Get Visibility – Don’t stay in the dark

A VA gives you visibility on your networks. As your network evolves over time, it may be hard to keep track of legacy and new systems alike. A VA often allows the discovery of hosts that you might not have been aware of otherwise.

Fix low hanging fruits

Low hanging fruit vulnerabilities are flaws that are easy to be exploited or used by unsophisticated attackers. The good news is that these vulnerabilities are also easily identifiable by a vulnerability assessment scan.

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