A web application penetrating testing, also known as a web app pentest, is a security assessment that identifies vulnerabilities in your websites or web applications. We will scan and manually assess your web app from an external user perspective.

What can a malicious user do?

During a web app pentest, we will simulate what a malicious user can do by attempting various web attack techniques against the website.

Our cyber security experts will attempt attacks such as remote code execution, command injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injections. We will also identify potential denial-of-service attacks so you can fix the vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. We adhere to the OWASP methodology and principles and augment them with the experience of our seasoned cyber security experts.

Is your data safe? Don’t get in the news for the bad reasons!

A web application penetration test often allows you to quickly identify security misconfigurations that can lead to major data leaks.

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